SSSR Press Release

The company was formed in 1996 to protect the scenic, aesthetic, recreational and wildlife values of the Santa Rita Mountains through education and outreach, including protection of the Santa Ritas from degradation due to mining activities. The SSSR always help people to protect the environment. They have successful cases previously. For example, in 2005 Augusta Resource, the SSSR found that Rosemont ranch was bought for a small mining company to dump their tailings and waste on public lands. They managed to find the manager to make the company stop damaging the environment. They achieved good result in this case that can make the organization more reliable. Tucson being at the mountains of Arizona will be affected since mining will be done in the mountains where water sources are found. This is the reason why the residents of South of Tucson condemn it in the strongest means possible. Residents of Tucson will experience economic downfall due to devastating effects of Rosemont mine. The supporters of the mining Augusta indicates that Rosemont mine has a good public relation with the residents of Tucson since the mining will be beneficial to the future generations of southern Arizona and improvement in economic stability of the area. The strong ethos makes the people to believe in the SSSR. For example, Tucson residents are known for their farming activities among other agricultural produce like rearing of livestock.. Within the Arizona region, there are wild animals that can make people have a look at the wonderful wildlife.

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