Source evaluation

For instance, the institutions of learning in the United States are also known to provide some very generous scholarships to deserving individuals from poor countries. consequently, they receive many applications every year since individuals recognize that they might be given an opportunity to make their lives better.
Even though, many have been associated with the urge of studying abroad, there are some cases approving that studying abroad is definitely a wrong option. In essence, answering this research question will help in discerning the associated negative impacts.
Studying abroad can offer a lot of benefits to the students and the development of the society, but on the other side, it also have some drawbacks and disadvantages , over all studying abroad turned out to a good investment, but at the mean time people should realized that the profit exists paralleling risk.
While looking up for relevant sources to back up the research, there are many credible articles that talk about the research question. This makes the completion of the project tedious since there is need to carry out evaluation of each source before picking up the most suitable for the study.
Schemo discusses the gifts that are likely to befall students going abroad. Essentially, this source will help in answering the research question about why many students are attracted to the notion of travelling abroad for their studies. Schemo asserts that one of the benefits that students acquire from studying abroad is that they get a chance to pursue their education in an environment that is not limited by either geography or economic circumstances because they are able to work within an environment that is completely new and full of opportunities. Moreover, studying abroad makes it possible for students to develop the necessary skills at an international level that allows them

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