Society and Diversity

of the Sociology of the Concerned 6 February Society and Diversity The coexistence of a harmonious society amidst diversity may sound paradoxical, but pragmatically it is possible. There is no denying the fact that culture happens to be a very strong part of people’s life and it pertains to the common experiences that shape the perception of the people belonging to a particular culture. So for a viable multicultural society, to exist and to survive, it is not only important that people try to gain literacy regarding diverse cultures, but also try to respect and accept the varied aspects of other cultures. One viable way for a diverse society to exist is to appreciate the fact that how much people tend to have in common, irrespective of their differences. In the contemporary times when globalization is an unavoidable reality, it is no more possible for the societies to remain singular. People hailing from diverse cultures bring in new skills and ideas to a society and allowing the immigration of people from diverse cultures is one viable way to benefit from the diversity of cultures. In that context, immigration indeed enriches a society, and the more a society understands this, the more successful and secures it gets. Unity in diversity is possible even when the varied cultures constituting a society have significant cultural differences, provided the people hailing from these cultures share some common goals and a common vision and are willing to respect other cultures for the achievement of these goals. These goals may be an economically successful society, democracy, varied freedoms and rights, etc.

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