Social psychology how people pass as the gender they have chosen

The way that the audience responds to one who is changing with gender shows that there is a question of boundary and the significance that is a part of the gender identity. When examining transvestites that perform in a club, the same boundaries can be seen with the audience as well as with the identity and expectations that are a part of the role of the transvestite.To understand gender identity and the relationships with transvestites, an analysis was made over the performance and interactions between transvestites and an audience. The observation made was at a club that was specific for transvestites that were performing at the club. When observing the interaction between transvestites and gender, it could be seen that there was a boundary and questioning between both types of genders. When transvestites interacted with each other, there was a comfort and understanding that was a part of the role. More importantly, the transvestites that stayed within these specific groups had interactions that held both gender roles and were both masculine and feminine in nature. For instance, some of the actions were based on touching, body language and movement that seemed feminine. At other times, the interactions would change to more aggressive behavior that was masculine in nature.When the transvestites moved into a performance, there was a different association of gender and the roles that were carried. The transvestites that were performing seemed up front and were able to reflect a gendered self that was both masculine and feminine in appearance. The reflection from the audience was one that was also representative of the self and the gender identity that many held. Those who were not transvestites in the audience were able to respond directly to either the masculine or feminine appearance that took place from the transvestites at given points in the performance. The gender identity

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