Slumdog Millionaire Idea and Execution

The drama/romance movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire was directed by Danny Boyle and co-directed by Loveleen Tandan in India. It mainly stars newcomer British actor Dev Patel, playing the title role of Jamal Malik, and another relative newcomer Freida Pinto playing Jamal’s love interest, Latika. The supporting cast in this movie includes Anil Kapoor playing the host of the game show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’. Irrfan Khan, the police inspector who interrogates Jamal for allegedly cheating on the game show. Madhur Mittal who plays Salim, Jamal’s brother. Ankur Vikal, the gangster who takes Jamal and Salim after their mother’s death and trains them as pickpockets. and Indian child actors Ayush Mahesh Khedekar, Rubina Ali, and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail who respectively play the younger versions of Jamal, Salim, and Latika. This movie started filming in November of 2007 all over India, mostly Mumbai. It was then released in North America in November of 2008. The movie tells the story of Jamal Malik, a contestant on the Indian version of the game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire who, to the surprise of the viewers, of the show’s host, and the show’s producers, continually gives the correct answers to the show’s questions. Before the million dollar question was called out, Jamal was arrested by the authorities for allegedly cheating on the game show. The main logic of the authorities in arresting Jamal seemingly revolves around the fact that Jamal comes from the slums of India and could not have known the answers to the questions unless he was cheating. During Jamal’s police interrogation, he narrates how he happened to know the answers to the questions because many of them relate to major events in his life. As the investigator asks him why he knew the answers to each question, he also narrates the events in his life which gave him the answers.

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