Single Mothers and Minimum Wage

The single mothers are forced to enter the competitive job market and it has been seen that they face many problems related to the jobs and wages. It has been proved those single mothers who are working in low wage jobs are often face many real time hardship than the people who are dependent on welfare. (Mooney et al. 2008, p, 240). Single mothers and minimum wages: Wages or the earnings are the fuel of the family which keeps the family running smoothly. In a normal dual-parent family a husband and a wife both earn to have a smooth life. In many cases it has been seen that in a family the female is the bread earner and the husband looks after the kids and the household choirs. However, in case of the single mothers the work pressure is double as they have to look after the children in the house as well they have to earn to feed the kids. So, as far as the single mother is concern they have to earn moderate income in a smaller time to handle both the pressures. There are many initiatives taken by the governments or the local communities to help these women by eradicating the pathetic effects of minimum wages. There are some policies which are favorable to these communities because the unfortunate children. Most of the policies are concern with the poor children living under the poverty (Neumark, and Wascher, 2008, p. 151). However, if there is one community which has got special attention for most of the policies related to the wages and social security is the community of the single mothers. The group of the single mother has got especial attentions towards the effects of the minimum wages (Neumark, and Wascher, 2008, p. 151). The strong initiatives towards the welfare of the single mothers started in 1996, this initiative given a strong… This paper approves that the community of single mother is consisting of women from different culture and different religions and they speak different languages. To unite all of these people are not an easy job. The cultural diversity is a big problem. Some rituals are accepted by some people and at the same time some people do not accept the facts and they try to protest also sometimes. Most of the African-American single moms are Christian and Muslims. The main learning from the work is the implementation of the nonracial behavior within the community. This paper makes a conclusion that the community for the single mothers is a functioning body which has many numbers of women who are mentally and financially tortured. The main aim of the community development members should be to heal the pain of these poor women. It can be said that being a single mother is very much hazardous to mental health. The motivation is the only healing to these poor women. They have faced many problems in finding jobs to feed their children and on the other side many of them have faced physical torture from their husbands. Canadian research the researchers have found that single mothers go through more psychiatric illness than that of the mothers in two-parent families. The researchers also found that after they have become single mom their mental condition started changing irrespective of the financial problems.

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