Should the gun laws be strikter

Nevertheless, many people support strict gun control that includes background checks and mandatory handgun registration. even though, it may hinder law-abiding citizens from owning guns. There is need for strict regulation of firearms manufacture and sale in order to intensify gun safety and limit delinquents from obtaining firearms and includes also policies aimed at preventing youngsters from accessing guns to lessen their violence with guns(Gallup Summary 10). Proponents of firearm restriction believe that it improves public safety since it encourages great responsibility among gun owners and offer police great method of tracing stolen firearms (Newport 11). However, antagonists maintain that the scheme is not viable stating that it forms an expensive and additional federal bureaucracy. In July 2012, Colorado experienced dreadful mass killing in a movie theater, and many of the guns including assault weapons and semiautomatic handguns used by recent mass murders were obtained legally, similar to the AR-15 assault rifle used to blast victims in the dark movie theater. Many people support strict gun control since most of the reported, violent gun shootings occur in the public place (Newport 6). Majority of the public favor restriction of guns to people convicted for publicly displaying firearms in ways that are threatening. moreover, people favor restriction for concealing and carrying a firearm without permit. The support for strict firearm restriction has been strong in the past few years. with majority of people endorsing police permit for a person who needs to purchase a gun. Thus, the promising response for the shooting would be one that emphasizes the keeping of guns away from criminals and dangerous people. Furthermore, a wide range of measures that regulate firearms and strictly punish people who violate gun laws should be put in place, especially after the unthinkable nightmare at Connecticut elementary school (Carlson 2). Even though, strict gun control has high chances of succeeding if framed as crime control instead of gun control, the NRA (National Rifle Association) lobby thrives on controversy and does not compromise. Tightening faulty federal background checks ought to be top priority, since no serious individual would object to coordinated and computerized record checks that hinder the sale of firearms to domestic-violence misdemeanants, felons and people formally deemed to be mentally ill. Enactment of reforms may not deter determined school shooters from accessing weapons from the black market. Even with an improved background check system, the system could have failed to hinder the Newtown shooter from accessing his mother’s legally obtained gun, since mass killers tend to be young men with deranged minds but who prepare carefully. Moreover, according to Barrett (41) some of these criminals have clean records prior to committing such offences with some obtaining guns from friends and relatives. nevertheless, fixing background checks are worth doing, since they may deter some criminals and imposition of the 2nd Amendment rights would be minimal. The wake of elementary school massacre in Newtown Connecticut, there was a renewed ban on assault weapons with proponents

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