Shakespeare Taming of The Shrew

He exchanges his identity with his servant Tranio. Gremio who is an elderly person hires Lucentio who disguises as a Latin tutor to make Bianca accept him. Hortensio is another character in the play. He also wishes to marry Bianca. Therefore, he disguises himself as a musician to get spend some time with Bianca in order to get access to her. In the meanwhile, another character Petruchio is introduced. Petruchio is a friend of Hortensio. When he hears about the condition of Katherina getting married first in order to let Hortensio get married to Bianca. Baptista was relieved to see Petruchio’s interest in Katherina since the feisty Katherina was being difficult and was starting to become a burden to him. Another reason why Baptista wanted to get Katherina married was her quarrelsome behaviour with him and his younger daughter Bianca. Katherina finally gives in to marry Petruchio on Petruchio’s constant trying. Petruchio fixes their wedding day. Katherina is still unwilling to get married but even then she reaches the church on the wedding day and waits for Petruchio. Petruchio arrives at the church is an absurd outfit and after the wedding ceremony he takes his new wife and leaves for Verona. On reaching Verona, Petruchio’s behaviour changes towards Katherina. …
After this they set off to visit Baptista in Padua. On their way to Padua the newly married couple meet Vincentio. Vincentio is Lucentio’s wealthy father, who is thrown in a strange conversation as Petruchio tests Kate’s obedience. The three of them reach Padua to find out that Hortensio was rejected by Bianca. After being rejected he married a widow while Baptista is tricked into believing that a passing stranger is Tranio’s rich father. During the mean time Vincentio attempted to untangle the complexities of the situation just to find his son Lucentio return from a secret wedding with Bianca. Baptista accepted Lucentio as his son in law and held a wedding feast for both his daughters to celebrate. After the meal the situation calmed down and everyone got happy. As the men relaxed after their meal Petruchio decided to place a competition to prove whose wife was the most obedient. Bianca and the widow failed the competition as they failed to obey their husbands when called. Kate on the other hand proved to be the most obedient and lectured the women on the duties of a wife. In this play, the emphasis has been placed on the aggressive behaviour of Katherina and the attempt of Lucentio to get married to Bianca. In the beginning Katherina is shown as an aggressive woman who fights with her father and younger sister. Due to this behaviour not many people used to like her which made it difficult for Baptista to find a groom for her. She was highly disobedient and did not used to listen to the orders of her father. After getting married to Petruchio who put strictness on her eating and sleeping, Katherina was forced to change her aggressive behaviour and become an obedient wife to Petruchio. Therefore in the end when

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