Service Product Analysis

As known, the Walt Disney Company has first captured the attention of the children in the society [practically in America] to believe in things that are almost impossible through fairy tales. Through the idea of making the impossible happen, the Walt Disney Company has made a great approach in making the children believe that whatever they may dream of could come true as long as they put their faith in it. Besides that, the Company also tried to produce different cartoon creations that are aimed in presenting comical thoughts not only to the children but also to their parents (Kotler, Armstrong, Wong and Saunders, 2002). Walt Disney’s deals with a combination of products and services and the company has been able to with the strong history and high experience that the company has in the current markets, it is essential to note that Disney has been able to gain a strong market position and has also been recognized for some of the best products and services. The experience along with the products and their services gives them a stronger position in the markets. Also with the newer technologies and the new productions of the company, Disney has also been able to set up new product lines based on their characters and has been able to place them very strategically in various stores across the country. The company has been able to set new stores across various malls and super centers and this the company used to increase its visibility in the markets (Miller, 2001). Also, the company’s theme park is also a well-known area and is visited by a number of vacationing families each year (Jobber, 2004).In terms of promotions and pricing, the company has been able to build a strong image and excellent promotions. The company has been able to develop an interlinked and intertwined form of promotion for all the products and services and these include, the movie production, books, consumer products and also the theme parks. The company has developed the promotional campaigns in a where were all the promotions are interlinked and ensure that all products are promoted at all times.

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