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It evident that the chief executive used foul language when he referred to the issue as ‘bullshit’ in the full glare of the cameras. Furthermore, according to CBC, the CEO did not respond promptly to the matter. He only dismissed the case without promising and assuring the public that the company would investigate the matter. Furthermore, he began finger pointing and blamed the media for working hard to tarnish the image and name of the company. All these pointed to problems in communication.The controversy regarding the use of foreign workers had adverse effects on a number of relevant audiences associated or linked to the company. The controversy affected current and potential employees of McDonald`s Canada. According to CBC, some of the employees compared their working conditions in the company to slavery. They complained of excessive working hours coupled with huge loads of work. Such conditions are not only inhumane, but also unhealthy. Furthermore, many foreign employees working in the firm have downed their tools for fear of the effects of the exposure (CBC). In addition, potential Canadian employees of this organization are pessimistic and have lost desire for working at McDonald`s. The claims reported by the CBC coupled by the various interviews and testimonies of other workers are convincing. Another audience affected by the news would be the investors. Similarly, the poor communication and circumstances surrounding it affected a section of customers.The move has also affected investors and shareholders in the company. Negative publicity is not good for a large company such as McDonald`s. Such acts make investors and various shareholders reconsider their position and support for the company. No investor or shareholder wishes to be associated with a business that does not operate by the rules and regulations of the

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