Run England Initiative Sports Policy and Development

More so, the idea is to give the people targets, which are achievable, and at the same time a challenge that is meaningful to the running progress. While working with the local athletic clubs, run England has made sure there are markings and safety measures in place to ensure the participants of the initiative are safe as they try out the project. The initiative is grounded on the fact that the country is being urged to participate in sports for the growing need to alleviate the health of citizens and at the same time to make sure the ‘feel good factor’ is achieved. On the other hand, it aims at giving the people a good time while they are participating in the events. Consequently, the initiative is a plausible plan to assist the citizens who find it hard to maintain their tracks an easy time and at the same time, they can form groups that make it more enjoyable. The initiative has a website where any individual who wants a challenge can visit and find the required information when it comes to routes and support. This initiative is a program supported by several organizations. Sports England, for instance, invested £2.2 million with the aim of generating more participants after the realization of the growth in the recreational running. Evidently, the initiative has gained fame in the country with people from all around forming groups to run while another run just to challenge themselves. It is a public meter for any person who wants to start out a fitness journey from anywhere in the country. With a fun page of 24k visitors, it has proven a popular initiative that not only brings the nation to sporting activities but a media to share and bond over something people have in common. The initiative makes collaborations with bigger competitions in promoting the culture of running in the country.

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