Review Of ARM Intel and the microprocessor industry in 2014

tegies and sustainability operations with every influential factor of its external business environment, it lacks competitive advantage in attracting business customers from almost every dimension of the industry due to the exclusion of smaller corporate partners from the technology industry. Taking the advantage of this lacuna possessed by Intel, its rivals like AMD can be witnessed to grow powerful, obstructing the monopolistic power gained by Intel over the past decades.Intel (officially acknowledged as Intel Corporation), a globally renowned American semiconductor-chip manufacturing multinational, has witnessed significant rise in its demand around the various electronics companies, who are noted as its major strategic partners in the industry cluster (Haberberg amp. Rieple, 2008). However, with every opportunity, there come certain challenges, which are also apparent in the case of Intel, as on one hand, the company enjoys substantial lucrative growth opportunities and on the other, it is obstructed by rising competitive forces inhibiting its dominion on the industry cluster (Haberberg, 2014). It is in this context that scepticism develops surrounding the chances of an end to Intel’s long sustaining dominance on the market. Hence, examining Intel’s business environment and its current strategic positioning becomes crucial. Correspondingly, this report will aim at presenting a brief but insightful assessment of the business environment and strategies applied by Intel currently along with a critical strategic appraisal to conclude on the actual industry stance of the company and offer noteworthy strategic recommendations correspondingly.Buyer Power: As orders are accepted only in bulks by the companies in this industry, the bargaining power of buyers increases, facilitated with the characteristics of business-to-business dealings (Klepper, 2010). Again, availability of heterogeneous products also tends to limit buyers’ power in this industry, offering

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