Relevance of Individualism in Life Today

Individuals past thoughts, decisions, and achievements as a success following self-reliance are different as time goes on whereby, other factors contribute towards individualisms such as sociology, western civilization, education, and region. These factors may limit individual’s self-reliance. hence, ideas from a specific person are limited in the society. However, the authors of the articles clearly indicate that is an important virtue in individuals’ lives today.Education is an important aspect of the life of individuals not only on the career perspective but also in recognition of personal weakness and strength in life, which eventually enhances individualism today in a positive way. In the essay of Emerson about self-reliance, it is evident that once a man gets educated, the sense of ignorance of own thoughts in life eventually reveals. hence an individual is able to accept the previous mistakes done because of ignorance. Notably in individuals’ life, it has been observed that ignorance is not because of illiteracy rather it is revealed by literacy for example an individual may ignore the effect of having unprotected sex due to friends influence but once educated on the effects associated, it helps to prevent any future incidence whereby individualism decision will prevail over the peer pressure. This indicates that education enhances individualism today in such a way that through the experiences and required knowledge in life, an individual thinks on his own for his own welfare and decision-making. making.
Self-View And the World View In Relation To Individualism Toady
The world has different views towards an individual’s problems and achievements with those that the specific person has on

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