Red Star The First Bolshevic Utopia is a dystopia rather than a utopia because martian people exploited all their planets’s resouces and planned to erradicate and colonize on another planet

In addition, the novel is radical in nature in that, it shows how readers of utopia may consider a success. yet do not understand what the author meant (Aldridge 23-24).The red star written in 1905, at that time, socialism had already existed for several years in Mars in that, the inhabitants of Mars had sent expeditions to earth with the hopes of creating contacts between the two civilizations. It is interesting to note that the Martians feared cementing their relationship with people from the earth, so they decided to find earthling with good advanced and flexible constitution to hijack and take them back to Mars in order to acquaint him with the Martian civilization and culture, and at the end, return him to earth as their emissary. Their emissary, Leonid is convinced of the significance of the mission for which the Martians have picked him and on his expedition, he learns the Martians culture and history. While touring the schools, factories, museums and research institutions of Mars, Leonid is convinced that the Martian people were superior to those people on earth. He is convinced of the superiority of socialism over the capitalism that still reigns on Earth (Bognadov 16-18).The tour of Mars is used to express the maturity of socialist society including advanced science, planned economy and collectivism. Further, Leonid realizes that in Mars, there is no distinction between sexes. During his stay in Mars, Leonid realized that the Martian people do not harbor good intentions towards his native planet in contrary to what he thought. The Martian people planned an invasion of the Earth and extermination of its people in order to exploit their natural resources.The red star is used to represent the Russian workers with visible model for their revolutionary strivings. On the other hand, in Mars, at first glance, it does not appear to be a socialist utopia in that, most of the objectives of the Europeans has been accomplished

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