Recruitment Selection and Management in Leadership Styles

The incorporation of human resource management to emphasize on human resource activities and integrating into the planning process of organization that support organizational goals and mission to ensure that managers in the organization are accountable to decisions of HRM. Management, leadership styles, selection and recruitment process are crucial for the application of successful operation of Human resource management. The prime purpose of the paper is to provide organization examples and theoretical issues to analyze that management, leadership styles, recruitment and selection are pivotal for effective HRM operation.
The theories of human resource management focus on approaches of selection and recruitment to ensure positive operation in the organization. The recruitment process involves the stages of the job description, advertising, legislation selection, and recruitment policies. One of the foremost difficulties of the organization is to match human resources with the execution of strategic organization accomplishments for the present and future (Bryman, 2002, p.39). The purpose of the appropriate functioning recruitment system is to deliver customs administration with the necessary proficiencies. Selection and recruitment are viewed as an important part of HRM. The prime reason behind the execution of the selection and recruitment process is to select the best possible person at the right job.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the leading rental car business in the United States. The prime focus of the company is the local market for a rental car. Moreover, it is also specialized in car rental market segment where consumers want replacement car in case of mechanical repair, accident and theft. Active Training and development are executed to help employees to reach full potential and achieve promotion within the business. Furthermore, it makes most out of the existing talent and the need for external recruitment is reduced. The function of HRM is to manage prevailing staff and plan for the future that can affect the future needs of staff. The policy of Enterprise Rent-A-Car is to promote managers from available employees&nbsp.

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