Reading and Writing about Arguments session long progect

Therefore, coming down 6 hours later, there was no reflection on the road to warn any approaching driver and needless to say, I ended up colliding head on with the boulders surrounding the still wet culvert.
As you stated earlier on, the reason for your refusal to indemnify me is that the council should be responsible for compensation of my wrecked car. However, my argument is simple, my car is insured with you, I have paid all my premiums on time and up to date, there was no negligence on my part. hence, I want to be compensated in the shortest time possible and you may want to in turn get compensated by the municipal. However, as per our agreement, I have no contractual agreement with the municipal to compensate me in case of any loss. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, you will need to honor my claim and then later you may want to settle your own case with the municipal authorities to get compensated because the case was clear cut. there was no negligence on my part (Hawken, Angela. Carroll, Stephen J. Abrahamse, Allan F. Institute for Civil Justice (U.S.), 2001).
This is not a threat but a warning to you that in case this pull-and-tag war with the municipal authorities is costing me dearly and interrupting my life and I may have to sue you if this continues. Over this waiting period, I have had to use a taxi every night going home and in the morning going to work and it is very expensive. The costs have been piling up as time drags and therefore, I would much appreciate if you could honor our contractual agreement as soon as possible because this loss is deeply negatively affecting my life. That is the reason I am warning that if you do not issue me with a written promise to indemnify me in the shortest time possible, I will initiate a law suit.
However, over the past five years that I have been paying my premiums, I have personally come to know your company

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