Quality Assurance Management Audit of Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC seeks to maintain the quality of products in its franchises all over the world by instilling control processes right from its suppliers of raw materials (KFC Holdings, 2012). They conduct an annual supplier audit that ensures that the suppliers are audited for food safety and quality. This audit is conducted by an independent company, a process that ensures that it is done in a professional manner. In addition, in-house food technologists are also employed to monitor and review the quality of supplies as part of quarterly evaluations that the company undertakes on its products. KFC has invested in staff and external agencies to ensure that the suppliers are in compliance with the food requirements. It is well known that there are several breeds of chicken that are available in the market even though not all of them are of proper marketable quality. They have invested in a chicken supplier, Ayamas, who deals with a specific superior breed of chicken. It has also ensured that this company is closely monitored by the department of veterinary service and has obtained the veterinary health mark logo (KFC Holdings, 2012). Ayamas has also undergone ISO certification to ensure that it is quality standards adhere to the national and global standards. Ayamas has also ensured that all its chicken are slaughtered by staff who have been certified by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor in order to ensure that Halal procedures are met to allow members of all religion to consume the products. The credibility of supplies is one of the crucial aspects of any food-related venture that customers all over the world are keen to note. The spices and ingredients that it uses are also supplied by reputable suppliers like Nestle among others (KFC Holdings, 2012). This is because of the delicate nature of food and the fatalities that are associated with food poisonings like bird flu and salmonella.

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