Pubilc Relations Portfolio

This part deals with how I have met the learning objectives that I had set for myself as part of Assignment 1 at the beginning of the course. This is in the form of a report and details my learning experiences as part of this course and how I met my objectives for the same.The first learning outcome I had set for myself was to do with improving my reading and writing skills. I had set out the task for myself at the beginning of the course and my first learning goal was to read more articles and books on Public Relations. I can say with some confidence that I have achieved this by widening my horizon on the topic of PR and have learned a lot from the course material as well as my supplemental reading. I have managed to acquaint myself with the course material and ingested the contents of the lectures that were taught in the class.

As for improving writing skills, I made it a point to take notes of the class discussions and lectures and as can be seen from this assignment, I can say that I have achieved a fair degree of success in meeting this requirement.

The learning outcome 2 related to increasing my participation in the class and participating in the discussions that went on in the class related to the different issues being debated in the class. I can say with some satisfaction that I have succeeded in increasing my participation both by interventions in debates about questions asked and also by raising issues of public importance to be discussed in the class. I have participated in the discussions on public sector communication with an emphasis on getting the message across to the potential audience by means of using the media and the various tools and techniques available to work on the methods.

This learning outcome refers to attending the class and making it a point not to miss the lectures unless absolutely necessary. I can say that I achieved my target of having more than 80% attendance (my attendance percentage is 85).

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