Psy Week 1

Admission Essay YourFirst YourLast PERSONALITY Personality is a combination of characteristics that give an individual a unique identity. There are several traits regarding personality. They include. actions, attitudes and behaviors one possesses. Personality defines a person. One can determine his or her personality type in different ways. There is the negative personality type and the positive personality type. Example of negative personality includes. laziness, malice, hate and pickiness. Positive traits include. trusty, melodious, happy and honesty. People can identify their personality in two ways (Triandis, 2002). The first way is to visit a psychologist and allow them to analyze ones traits (Triandis, 2002). The other method is to ask oneself several attitude based questions. I can describe my personality as easy going and relaxed. I like socializing and meeting new people. Most of my character traits classify me positively. I appreciate everyone the way they are. I do not discriminate against anyone.However, there are several factors affecting personality, one of them being culture. Culture is a peoples way of life. Elements of culture include. values, social norms, internal and external environments. (Carducci, 2006) A communitys culture will influence an individuals personality in that context. If individuals are exposed to negativity, they tend to be more violent and aggressive. The relationship between culture and personality is critical since culture influences personality directly. (Carducci, 2006) Cultures differ greatly according to race, social status and beliefs. This difference brings about the variance in personalities.In conclusion, personality is that unique feature which makes a person unique. It differentiates each from the rest of the crowd. Psychologists can determine personalities. However culture is the main determinant of personality type. Cultural factors include. social norms and environments.ReferencesTriandis, S. (n.d.). Cultural influences on personality. Annual review of psychology 2002. 53 (1: 133-160.Carducci, B. J. (2006). The psychology of personality. Oxford: Blackwell.

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