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Lecturer affiliation Theology I –Project: Jesus Christ The Old Testament evidence for Jesus Christ Genesis 1:1-5 (see John 1:1-14)- it talks of God and Christ existing even before creation and how the word became flesh and came to dwell in us.Genesis 3:15- talks when man started sinning in the Garden of Eden. Because of the sinful act, God put enmity between man and serpent.Exodus 12:1-13, 46 (see John 19:36) – talks of the last meal the Israelites had during the Passover feast. God was to pass, and the plague was not to fall on those who followed Gods instruction by smearing blood on the doorpost as a sign of purification.Leviticus 16:1-34 (see John 1:29. Hebrews 9:6-14)- it centers around Torah. In the reading, we see the law as a temple based priesthood, people, and the expulsion of goat having all the Israelites sins.Numbers 21:4-9 (see John 3:14-15)- it talks of salvation and the redemption after one acknowledging. In both numbers and John, there are some similarities. Just as Moses lifted up the snake for those bitten to get healed, so Christ must be lifted that anyone who believe may get the eternal lifePsalm 2 (see Acts 4:23-31. Rev 2:26-29)- the reading talks of the coming of the Messiah and how man will plan to reject him as the true messiah who has come to redeem them from sinPsalm 16 (see Acts 2:23-33) – the reading begins with an expression of devotion that may be applied to Christ as well. It also ends with a confidence of resurrection mas it is applied to Christ too.Psalm 22 (see Matthew 27) – it talks of the suffering Jesus Christ went through the hands of mankindPsalm 110 (see Genesis 14:17-20. Mark 12:35-37. Hebrews 7:11-28) – talks of Crist as the king who intercedes on behalf of human beings eternallyIsaiah 2:1-4- talks of the second coming of the Messiah and the prophesies that have to be fulfilled 7:14 (see Matthew 1:23) – it prophesies the birth of Jesus Christ through human parents9:1-7 – it prophesies the coming reign of the Messiah. His reign will be unblemished and pure11:1-10 (see Isaiah 49:2. Rev 1:16. 2:12. 19:11-16) – it prophesies the rise of the new Davidic king who will embody the old king David’s ideals of leadership42:1-4 – God revealing to the people His servant whom He chose and whom He wants to bring justice to the nations49:1-7 – God sending His servant to bring justice to the world52:13—53:12 0- describes Messiah as the suffering servant who shall be lifted up and exalted61:1-4 (see Luke 4:14-21) – God anoints Messiah to proclaim His good news to the people and draw them closer to HimDaniel 7:13-14 (see Matthew 26:63-65) – prophesies the coming of the Messiah with the heavens cloudsMalachi 3:1-4. 4:1-6 (see Matthew 11:10-15) – talks of judgment and the nature of Gods judgment.1. Identify the several traits that are predicted from the characteristics of the Messiah/ Servant of the Lord and what things he would do.The following traits are predicted about Messiah: Messiah would be like Moses, he would be the Lord God himself, he must shine from Galilee, must be from King David’s line of descendants, would be the son of God, would be born in Bethlehem and must suffer for mankind’s sake.2. What is the role of the Holy Spirit promised to be in the life and work of the Messiah?The Holy Spirit role was to be the soul of the church and Christ’s body. He is with Christ, the head of the church, for each church member to unite them, and in the entire church in a perfect harmony.3. What are the indications that the Messiah will be a human being?He will be born of two human parents and undisputed heir of King David. The Messiah will undergo physical suffering, tortured and die for the sake of human salvation from sin4. What are the indications that the Messiah will be a divine person?After His death, Messiah is expected to rise from dead miraculously after three days, thus, resurrecting from death.5. Identify the things the Messiah will do as a King.a) He will reinstate the royal dynasty of King David to its ancestral regal statusb) He will be active in the holy templec) He will lead the Christians to war to defend the Jews from their enemiesd) He will gather all the scattered Jews across the worlde) He will restore the sabbatical system\he will regain the land of Israel for the Jews and the boundaries will be great as promised by their ancestor Abraham6. Identify the things the Messiah will do as a Prophet.a) He was to be the Lords mouthpiece to call people to repent of their sinsb) He was to act as the mediator between man and God just like all other prophets did beforec) He was to follow the tradition of the prophets such as Moses, Joshua, Elijah and John the Baptistd) He passed the same message as John the Baptists of repentance and gave His apostles the same messagee) Just like all other prophets, Messiah prophesied his death and resurrection7. Identify the thing the Messiah will do as a Priest.a) He would formally put his blessings upon Israelb) He would offer sacrifices and offerings on behalf of the Israelites in order to obtain forgiveness for their sins and transgressionsc) He was to be a mediator and represent the people of Israel before the Lord and God before the people8. Which features are most prominent: King, Prophet, or Priest actions? Explain the proportions of each role as foretold in this evidence. Focus on the passages in this project.King is the most prominent feature since Messiah was born in the lineage of King David. The priest does not feature most since it was believed one could not be a king and a priest at the same time. Prophesy appears in few places where Christ’s acknowledges being a prophet.9. How are both the first and second comings of Jesus Christ told in Psalm 2?In the first coming, it is foretold that the Messiah will not be accepted, and the kings of the earth will plot against Him and those whom He anoints. Whereas in the second coming, it is foretold that the messiah will come back after the rapture and the restoration of Israel to judge both the good and evil. In addition, during his second coming people there will be only one religion and those who will refuse to worship him will get punished (Cox Jr.).10. Using the evidence above, explain how Jesus could have known that He must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again (Mark 8:31, cf. 9:12. 10:32-34). He was declared by Jehovah as the only begotten son and given the decree over everything. As a prophet in his first coming, Jesus foretold His suffering at the hands of mankind and knew the will of God who sent Him to be fulfilled, and then He must go through suffering.11. Write a statement that summarizes your understanding of the predictions about the character and works of the Messiah.Messiah means the one who has been anointed. Only three people in the olden Jews land were anointed that is the priest, the prophets and the kings. Having fulfilled all these, the messiah was to be a king, a prophet and a priest at the same time with His work on earth corresponding with the roles.12. What are the features in these passages that correspond to aspects of the Messiah’s saving work?Messiah was to come and save humankind from sins. His sole purpose was to come and offer salvation 13. Based on these passages, what is the significance of the New Testament label for Jesus in John 1:29 and Revelation 5:12? Explain what this label means theologically.Christ is described in both passages as the Lamb of God. Theologically, the Lamb of God means something that is pure without any blemish. In this case, Christ is considered pure without any sin.14. What is the good of being able to recognize patterns in the OT by looking back from Jesus’ life to see things that God set down to anticipate Jesus?These patterns help to acknowledge that Jesus Christ was the anticipated Messiah, and He came down to earth to save human souls from sins through salvation. Most of Jesus life was prophesied in the Old Testament, and He came to fulfill them.15. What do these patterns tell about God and his ability to plan history and fulfill all his will?All these patterns reveal to us that our God knows the mastermind of everything and what He plans must happen so that it can be fulfilled in accordance with His will. It also teaches us that nothing happens by mere chance but because God planned it to happen.Doctrinal Summary: Jesus Christ according to the OT Jesus Christ fulfills the prophesies that were prophesied in the Old Testament, and that makes Him the Messiah man has been waiting for several generations to save them from sins. Jesus main purpose in His first coming was mainly to save man and not to prove who He was.Personal Integration and Response1) Take time to pray and reflect on how you think about and respond to Jesus Christ. 2) Write a paragraph reporting on what went on for you in this time of contemplating Jesus’ identity and work as the Savior, and what the implications are for your life.I realized that Christ is the sole forgiver of human sins and the mediator between man and God. He came to suffer for human sins, and He is willing to forgive us once we accept that we are sinners and be ready to repent.3) State what further questions that you have about Jesus.Why did Jesus have to go through physical suffering despite being Devine?Why were Jesus Christ a priest, a king and a prophet at the same time yet it was not acceptable during that time to be a king and a priest at the same time?Work citedCox Jr., Marvin S. The Theology of Christ Jesus. Essential Theology for the Christian 2013 : n. pag. 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