President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s Reform in Egypt

The 1952 revolution was a very crucial incident in history in which, Nasser took part to a great extent and came up as a leader who was anxious to work for the betterment of Egyptian people. Through this revolutionary movement, he was able to make Egypt free from foreign control and usurpation.The mystery of his popularity lies in the fact that the nationalistic zeal and contribution that he showed by introducing several reforms for the betterment of the Egypt of the 1950s. When he took the helms of the country in the early 50s, it was really a challenge for him to bring the country back to the way of overall development. Indeed, it was a challenge for him in the real sense because, during those years, the country was panting under the devastating legacy of the British colonial rule. Within a short period, he was able to make the changes in all the important sectors of the country based on his continuous struggle and dedication to his land.Especially Nasser’s reforms that he brought in the Education sector, Health sector, and economic sector can be regarded as accommodating for the whole nation. Suez has helped to categorize him as a renowned political leader all over the world and has also supported him in becoming a champion of the Arab world.1 Moreover, his determined steps to preserve the country’s interest amid the conflicts of the superpowers of the world regarding the hold over the region due to their geographical strategies made him a hero not only in the country but also in the Middle East as well as in the world. His nationalistic zeal began to suffuse the heart of the Arabian people and started to breathe life in his so-called Arabism.

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