Post War US Policy

The historical and political reasons for the Soviet strategy and the American Policy and the cold war played important role, influencing the whole world. Even though the relationship between United States and Soviet Union are observed in the perspective of post World War II experiences and in relation with Stalin’s expansionist policies, there are other influential factors. Soviet tried to develop Soviet Bloc of satellites in Eastern Europe and took major steps to influence the major portion of the world. Historical Evidences: Tocqeville(1966), made an observation of the relationship between these two giant nations over a century and a half past. He interprets that they were bound to play influential role in the world history. John Gaddis(1978) finds out the routes of American- Soviet relations back to two hundred years, the time of American Revolution. From that time till World war I, almost for a century, both these nations maintained cordial relationships and kept ideology separated from diplomacy. The American action of purchasing Alaska, made a major change in the cordiality between American-Russian relationship and resulted into gradual deterioration over the period of time. The activities of Soviet during World War II, including the attack on Finland, following Hitler’s attack on Soviet had given rise to new dimension to American-Soviet relations which further turned into a Cold war.

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