Point of View 1

Evil looms in the Crystal Forest The Crystal Forest, it was here when my new life began. I came from the north to reach this crystalline forest in which the fluorescent butterflies flutter. During the daylight the sun, as the original inhabitants call it, gives off an ephemeral glow that gives the glass trees a golden shine. During the sunset, the forest turns ablaze in reds and yellows that I couldn’t possibly begin to describe. For all of this I left behind my steel cage. In the north, we were told that we must live this way. Any form of deviation, they said, could destroy our lives as well as the city. Every night we were to pay tribute to the Seth in the price of blood and sweat. We receive our rest during the day, since we cannot work under the extreme heat. Sometimes they would call us into the Hall to punish us or reward us but that all depends on how well our work is done. We thought that Seth would set us free from bondage, but that was just a lie. Seth had various markings on his skin – all of it are numbers that seem cryptic to understand. One time, I happen to walk in a dark area and saw Seth approaching me. He was wearing a cloak and a long dress but that did not prevent me from seeing his sharp claws. The next thing I knew, my face was bloodied as I ran away. Seth is an evil force that hates mortal beings. I should have been warned by my friend Sebastian. Before the great inferno thousands of years ago, the world lived among millions working together. to provide a general well-being for all of its inhabitants. That is what the north is trying to accomplish, and yet they are doing it dreadfully wrong. My friend, Sebastian, told me he had found some relics that could reveal the truth about the past. We did not understand the scriptures but their message was clear. It showed us how we could create a new paradise much like that one of the past. Sebastian brought the ugly relics to the Hall. however, he never returned afterwards. I just learned that Seth devoured him in the middle of the forest. He was eviscerated and his head cannot be found anymore. I became sad at the same time vengeful thinking day and night how to kill Seth. During darkness, I went out to work and planned my vengeance. The artificial guards marched by me when I saw a new recruit. His face seemed familiar to me, only to remember that he was one of the boys in my village. At this sight, I was extremely overwhelmed with anger and hatred. The artificial guards are reanimated workers built with bio-mechanical devices. They make sure that everyone works as they should. Half an hour before dawn everybody is sent back to their barracks, accounted for, and awarded with a meal before going to sleep. I snuck out of rank and file and slipped through to the outside. There was a shining light coming from over the horizon, and I thought to myself that it would be better to leave this world as it is than to continue living as a slave. So I ran off into the place in which we worked. As the sky grew brighter I could see things that I never have seen before. But while I stood here amazed at what I’m seeing, the sound of a siren broke the silence, and I dashed towards an opening leading to freedom. Suddenly, the siren stopped as and my heart pounded hard. The emerging guards bolted the metallic doors shut as a bright ball of light came into view. I looked back behind me, and in a flash I threw a dagger that hit Seth’s breast. He shouted with pain and I took the chance to run as far as I could, disappearing in the southern forest. They say that the southern forest is peaceful and that is exactly what I saw. In here there are things that have never been heard of: goblins, fairies, and other creatures lurk in this forest. They get along with each other just fine and have accepted me as one of their own. There is no more Seth that killed my friends and gave me scars on my face. Life in this forest is free and the magic I witnessed from venturing into the unknown rewarded me with freedom. It was here when my new life began.

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