Personal leadership development plan

Personal leadership development plan After I have graduated from college and have my license as a nurse, I would like to be true to my profession where people get better every time I attend to them when they are sick. In five years, I see myself to be a Chief Nursing Officer and a part of hospital administration. Considering my dedication to my profession, I believe that is a doable goal. I believe that with hard work, commitment to always better myself and genuine interest in my profession will take me to my intended goal of being a Chief Nurse. I intend to give back this intended service to the community where I came so I will practice my nursing here in the United States. As a leader, I commit my peers toward a common goal and to be at their best for them to achieve it. As a nurse, the best form of leadership I believe is servant leadership whereby I serve others while continuing to better myself professionally (Farazmand et al., 2010). Part of developing my self is clearly defining my goal and the path way to achieve it (DeYoung, 2009). The moment I practice, I will gain as much experience as I could, working extended hours and weekends if need be. This will give me a solid practical foundation and experience in addition to the theoretical knowledge I already learn from college. After gaining enough experience, I push for post graduate degree in nursing during evenings and weekends. I intend to finish it in 2-3 years that I anticipate that I will be a Chief Nursing Officer after earning my post graduate degree.ReferencesDeYoung, S. (2009). Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators (2 ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.Farazmand, Farideh A.. Green, Robert D.. Miller, Philip (2010). Creating Lifelong Learning through Service Learning. Business Education amp. Accreditation, 2(1):1-14.

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