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Personal Creative Inquiry Private Garden Gardening is a very relaxing and healthy way that helps in keeping in touch with nature. Nature clears one’s mind as well as increasing an individual’s vitamin D supply thus boosting ones mood. The greenness of the garden provides the healing color that acts as a stress reducer. Production of oxygen and the absorption of carbon dioxide by plants improve the quality of the air around us thus filling individual’s lungs with fresh air that reenergizes body and mind. This greatly boosts ones self-esteem and wellbeing hence promoting sense of positivity and reward that nature can bring. This article describes garden as a favorite place to go when an individual wants to relax after a hard day.The earth’s smell is always very natural with some sweet smelling flowers. It provides a wonderfully cool place that enhances good feeling when someone is from a tough day work. Private gardens are always near homes thus boosting and setting mind for relaxation purposes because an individual is not required to either walk or drive long distance to his home after relaxation. Presence of joyfully singing birds, chirping locusts makes garden so peaceful and a natural place to be.It is also worth noting that an individual may experiment with the sense of touching by playing with diverse tangible sensations such as leaves, fruits, and stems thus enabling one to focus on things that are relaxing and renewing. From the gardens, an individual may further surround himself with energizing and invigorating smells by looking for comforting and calming scents such as smelling roses. Relaxing in the garden while the kids are playing around you is a very joyful and fulfilling act that takes someone’s mind away from the tiring job throughout the day. At times, it is very relaxing to dirty our hands by either pruning or just digging worms and picking strawberries for the kids since it makes an individual feel very elemental to the nature and the overall surrounding. Careful working on the garden makes gardeners feel like they are doing what they love most and a way of recovering some of the insubstantial things lost during busy days.2My life is very satisfactory and I am doing a lot to help the underprivileged people in the society. I see myself as a president of a large manufacturing company with several employees. I live in a luxurious lifestyle where I can be able to buy anything and travel anywhere. I also have a classy mansionette and sport utility vehicles. My home has a big compound that is covered by very green grass, flowers, and other fruit plants such as avocadoes and mangoes. I also own a yacht and some other speed boats that I use for my holidays and whenever I relax. I enjoy receiving huge tenders and doing trade with other big personalities as well as institutions. I mostly spend my time with my family who greatly support me emotionally and are always concerned with my dealings. I also spend my time with other great business leaders including the past leaders such as Schultz who impart me with leadership advice. The life at 35 is very satisfactory and enjoys every great thing happening in life. My family enjoys their lives to the fullest and my children are going to the most expensive schools.3My dream education is attaining various degrees that are technology related and the ones that intend to solve some of the serious problems faced by mankind. Degree in Computer Science is one of the best degrees because all sectors of the economy rely heavily on technology in carrying out their operations. There are specific computer skills such as programming and computer languages as well as problem solving skills. Also, Degree in Health Care Administration is essential in providing many opportunities for advancement. Most people are health conscious and therefore this degree will be critical and competitive. Degree in Technological and Business Operations will also be essential in tackling technological challenges faced in business including security and confidential issues. Degree in Social media marketing will also be significant in promoting marketing amongst many businesses through the social media. There will also be Degree in communication that will seek to enhance communication amongst various businesses and institutions around the world. The other lucrative degree is Degree Youth and Women Empowerment aimed at empowering youths and women who despite of contributing a lot in the community, are left behind in most decision making issues in many regions especially Africa and Asia. Degree in Environmental Conservation is another good degree aimed at enhancing environmental conservation. There is also Degree in Anti-terrorism and International security aimed at addressing international security issues.The future education will enable me to develop the right mental tools to quickly adapt to change. My dream education is intended to enhance creativity, innovation, problem identification and problem solving skills. My future education will make me be better in things that computer cannot do because such kind of skills are in demand.

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