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RESPONSE TO POSTS Response I agree that the Persian Gulf nations are facing long-term challenges since western countries are onlyinterested in the oil. They slightly care about the welfare of the citizens of the countries. instead, they have caused havoc and misunderstandings among them. On the other hand, I disagree when you say that the programs and initiatives have helped these countries in terms of providing employment to the youths1. I believe that the initiatives are schemes that western countries are using to blind the Persian Gulf countries. Even though, I do not support the initiative programs and initiative, I have to agree that they have a slight positive impact in the communities in Persian Gulf countries. It is true that education reforms have enabled both male and female children get an education, a factor that has also improved the political, social and economic sectors in these countries2.Response 2To start with, I have noticed that your post contradicts about the influence of western countries to MENA countries. Initially, you do not like the idea of MENA countries having the western image through influencing the education and political system of these countries. Later in the post, you support the western countries and praise their democracy, which you believe is transparent. According to me, I support the west and their ideologies since they are fair and encourage equality to everyone. The pure democracy has been proven to be the best way of leadership since every single citizen is given a chance to participate in the choosing their leaders. Conversely, the hybrid systems, which are used in MENA countries, do not give the citizens a chance to participate in the countries’ leadership.BibliographyGauthier, Julie. Prospects for Democratization in the Oil Monarchies of the Persian Gulf.December 1, 2007. Accessed December 2, 2014.

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