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Client’s 8 May The Road Not Taken Robert Frost needs absolutely no introduction. he was a great American poet who wrote very popular poems. His poems on rustic life of people have gained popularity and several of his poems have an allegoric meaning. His use of language in his poems was immaculate. this paper will shed some light upon his very popular poem called The Road not Taken. The main focus of this paper will be upon important factors such as symbols, rhyme scheme, figures of speech so on and so forth. The Road not Taken is very similar to Aria: A Memoir of a bilingual childhood, it is similar because both the poem and the Memoir present aspects of life which have not been discovered by many, this paper will shed more light upon the similarities between the two. Thesis Statement:The poem has hidden meaning in it. the literal meaning of the poem is very easy to understand. A traveler reaches a fork in the road and is discombobulated because the road shows the traveler two choices, the traveler after much thinking, chooses the road less travelled by people. The figurative meaning of the poem reflects upon the choices that we make in our lives. We can either choose a road which is very frequently chosen by other people or we can choose to walk on a road which is hardly chosen by other people. After making our choice, we would always have regrets because the road not taken would always force us to think about the endless possibilities. This is what the poem is all about and this poem is really popular, Robert Frost became a household name because of this poem. Aria is also very similar because it presents aspects that only very few have experienced in their lives. this is exactly how they are similar. The Road not Taken suggests that the poet took the less travelled road and in Aria also the readers get to see something very similar. Rodriguez who is the main character in Aria feels very comfortable and safe growing up in his neighborhood, the Spanish neighborhood of his is really noisy and disturbing but he finds solace, similarly in Road not Taken the poet suggests that not many take the road not taken because they are comfortable doing what others do, this is again a very big similarity between the two. When I went up to look at my grandmother, I saw her through the haze of a veil draped over the open lid of the casket. Her face looked calm-but distant and unyielding to love. It was not the face I remembered seeing most often. It was the face she made in public when the clerk at Safeway asked her some question and I would need to respond. It was her public face that the mortician had designed with his dubious art. (Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood)This is very similar to the sentiments of the poet in Robert Frost, I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference. (The Road not Taken) the sentiments of the poet and the author are well presented in the Memoir and the poem. Literary Devices:Antithesis is quite conspicuous in the poem, the traveler has to make his choice and he soon realizes that he can only choose one path, the traveler wishes he could travel both but soon realizes that this is not plausible. Another literary device in the poem is personification, the road has been personified. All sensible people know that roads dont think, and therefore dont want. They cant. But the description of the road wanting wear is an example of personification in this poem. A road actually wanting some as a person would. However: some believe this to be incorrect and believe wanting wear is not a personification, but rather older English meaning lacking. So it would be Because it was grassy and lacked wear. (The Road not Taken)The tone of the poem is gloomy, words like sorry and sigh have been used and these words reflect gloom. Verbal irony is also another figure of speech in this poem, the speaker knows that when he looks back and recollects, he will have to tell his story with a sigh and he would also have to throw light upon the differences the second road would have made had he chosen it. Conclusion: The road not taken is a poem with a hidden meaning, it tells us how our life presents two choices in front of us, when we make our choice, after a few years we more often than not ponder over the options we would have had, had we chosen to trot on the road not taken. The poem is very tricky and requires immense concentration to be understood. Aria is very similar to Road not taken because people refrain from stepping out of their comfort zone, not many choose the road not taken and almost everyone likes to be in the shoes of Rodriguez in Aria, settled and growing up peacefully in a noisy neighborhood. Works CitedThe Road not Taken (2003). Poetry Pages. Web. Retrieved from: Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood (2012). City Writers. Web. Retrieved from:

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