Overpopulatio in the United States

This makes the US one of the fastest growing nations in the line of industrialized nations in the world. This overpopulation has caused various problems in the country, such as scarcity of resources, environmental issues, and economic consequences. Moreover, the problem of overcrowding also presents lack of education, and other issues which might cause troubles for the humanity.It is anticipated that by the year 2050, the population of the nation will be increased by around 130 million people, which is nearly equivalent to the addition of four more states the size of California. This study presents a detailed research on the topic of overpopulation in the United States. It undertakes to consult various resources, publications and databases to obtain information regarding the subject at hand. The causes of overpopulation are considered along with an elaborated discussion on the effects and consequences of the issue.The concept of overpopulation in not new to the current world and has been debated upon much by the researchers and authors. The definition of the term overpopulation is generally given by the writers as a commonly adverse and detrimental context in which the number of organisms goes beyond carrying capacity of its environment (Ian, 2007). This terminology generally pertains to the association between the two variables: environment and human population. The environment can either refer to a small geographical area or entire earth.During the past few years, the population in the United States has increased by more than double. It is said that if the population of the world in the coming century is multiplied by the same amount, there shall be more than one billion people around the globe. This increasing population, in turn, affects many features which include the negative contribution to the beauty of land, forests, environment and the entire ecosystem. Then, the social problems such as increasing attention in schools and lack of teachers

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