Organisations Learning and Development of B&amp

Q Home Improvement Retailer in the United Kingdom82000 Bamp.Q employs more than 25000 full-time employees in its retail stores in the UK. Started in 1969 by Richard Block and David Quayle, this store has about 321 stores in the UK and more than 50 stores in Ireland and other countries. Apart from numerous other awards and recognitions, Bamp.Q has been winning the Gallup Great Workplace award in 2010 for four consecutive years for highest employee engagement and productivity in the world. This exemplary performance of Bamp.Q is credited to its employees’ contribution, which is supported and promoted by workplace policies and practices followed at Bamp.Q. Bamp.Q’s main office is located at Southampton and is referred to as the Store Support Office, from where their HR function provides specific learning and developmental opportunities and support to its employees in different locations. Their HR team works closely with the organization development team to improve performance through identifying, shaping and supporting initiatives meant for employee learning and development (About Bamp.Q, n.d). Argyris (1999) emphasizes that contemporary management views effective organizational strategy as that which promotes the continual development of new understandings, models, and practices. this management aspect is referred to as organizational learning. From this perspective, organizational learning is one of the crucial tasks in strategic management. Organizations that encourage creativity, employee empowerment and involvement require employees to be continually learning and developing new skills and competencies that can help in their performance and contribution. this is more crucial for organizations that produce innovative products and services. Moreover, for employee empowerment to be effective, employees must have the knowledge and skills to make logical and correct business decisions. Although employees come with some learning through education and prior experience, learning at the organization should continue for many reasons. Workplace learning helps in maintaining high motivation and enthusiasm of the employees. This is demonstrated in a statement made by Glendinning, the Business Services Manager in Finance department of Bamp.Q: ‘It is a big part of my job to always be thinking ahead, to be able to analyze my current performance, to be a good team manager and of course to hit my sales targets. Bamp.Q is a great support in getting me where I need to be with helpful career planning and honest feedback’ ( n.d). A job or work that requires high creativity and futuristic thinking approach also require immense knowledge about the products, market, services, types of customers, and other technical skills, which keep changing from time to time. Hence, continuous learning and development of new skills and competencies become extremely important for the business and employees’ performance. Bamp.Q’s investment of £ 2 million in staff training on designing home interiors made big news in the UK. The company invested for training 17000 staff members on City amp. Guilds courses in 13 regional centers. Bamp.Q’s main priority for this initiative was to have highly self-reliant, knowledgeable and skilled staff that can offer trusted service and attract more customers (Hiscott, 2009).

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