Organisation Management System

Gazprom uses a variety of techniques in order to measure, control and monitor the different environmental impacts of the activities of the organization. The company has recognized the increasing importance of investing sufficient capital in the clean energy projects that are incorporated across the globe. The company has started to become engaged in the different CDM projects being launched with an aim to improve the environmental conditions in the least developed regions of the world. The company has started to work on various programmatic projects in the perspective of measuring and controlling the various environmental impacts of its operations. One of the measures taken to control and monitor the environmental impacts has been the active partnerships created by the company with the local NGOs in the different regions of the world.
The company has introduced the Comprehensive Environment program which has been implemented with the objective of meeting the key provisions specified in the Russian ecological doctrine and the Energy Strategy of Russia for 2040. The environmental policies of the company are based on the present environmental scenario in Russia and the different international corporate activities done in managing the environmental impacts of the companies in the oil and gas sector.This environmental program ensures the use of proper approaches in the domains of production, storage, transmission and storage of the different energy sources like oil, gas condensate and natural gas.

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