On Orientalism

The core value of the movie review is to explore these issues through the interview. Orientalism has varied sections for instance, American Orientalism, Orientalism today, repertory Orientalism , Orientalism and the empire, Orientalism in action, Orientalism and the Palestinian question and the Oklahoma bombing.
The central argument of Orientalism is to prove why we acquire this knowledge is not based on any centre of objective but the end result that reflect certain end result. Said in his work starts off by telling us the existence of a lens, which the views of the Middle East by the West. Said calls the lens used as Orientalism while attending to the interview questions. The film is made more interesting by the manner in which Said responds to what triggered him in coming up with Orientalism. Through Orientalism, said asserts that the way the west look or views at the other countries is to restore the actual reality of those places and he calls this ‘Orientalism’. Thus Orientalism is used to understand the unfamiliar and the strange and why the Middle East people appear strange. Therefore he has aided in outlining the issue of stereotyping. He asserts that the Arab Israel war of 1973, the Israelis were naive and coward during the fight. In addition, the disparity that occurred between his experiences about the nature of the Arab and its representation were the two driving forces for his writing.
In the repertoire of images in the Middle East has numerous sensual women, secrets, and monsters which are not concerned with the real Orient. They were consistent and this extended further from the Arab world for more people to study. They are just mere narratives, extended in description due to expert’s views and our objective knowledge. The images produced indicated that Orients were similar and they were out of history and did not develop.

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