Omnivores Dilemma (Industrial Corn)

To investigate and analyze the entire food chains of human food habits, Pollan throws an in-depth light on each of the food chains initiating from the industrial food to the final source of the final meal.
The book is divided into three neat parts, bearing the titles, ‘Industrial Corn’, ‘Pastoral Grass’ and ‘Personal the Forest’. Apart from this, there is also one introduction bearing the title, ‘Our Natural Eating Disorder’. ‘Industrial Corn’ is the first part of the book and it contains seven chapters. In this portion of the book, Pollan tends to explore the food chain from which the vast variety of American meals evolve. This portion of the book also throws light on the food chain based on industrial food that is widely dependant on corn. It exposes the nature and the way corn is consumed by American masses in their food directly through food or used as a feed to the livestock. Corn is widely used in the processing of chemicals like glucose and used widely in the manufacturing of high-fructose corn syrup and ethanol. The first portion of the book, ‘Industrial Corn’ is a thorough discussion on the process of how the corn plant has actually dominated the entire course of American diet achieved through a proper blend of factors pertaining to biology, politics, and culture.
The seven chapters that compose the first portion of the book, ‘Industrial Corn’ bears the following titles chronologically, ‘The Plant: Corn’s Conquest’, ‘The Farm’ ‘The Elevator’ ‘The Feedlot: Making Meat’, ‘The Processing Plant: Making Complex Food’, ‘The Consumer: A Republic of Fat’, ‘The Meal: Fast Food’ (Pollan, 2006).
Pollan starts by discussing that corn plant controls the American diet to a great extent. It dominates the American way of food. To investigate the way the corn plant exercises its influence on the American food habits, Pollan starts&nbsp.his investigation from the grass-root level and in order to accomplish it, he visits a corn farm in Iowa owned by George Naylor.&nbsp.

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