Ombine the processes of consultancy and project management with people management

In order to understand the financial as well as human resource aspects, work breakdown structure will be drawn and budget will be analyzed for the overall project. Time constraint is the most important factor for the success of the project. Failure to deliver the project in time may have an adverse affect on the expected benefit of the project. Hence, the project has taken into consideration the time schedule and network diagram has been developed so as to analyze it. It is also important to determine the risk of the project as risk management is the significant consideration of the project. Therefore, the project will also throw light onto the risk that is associated with the project.Emperor Capital Group Limited was established in the year 1993 and is a Hong Kong based investment holding company. It has been providing various ranges of financial services to the customers. It has been facilitating the brokerage services for various products like securities, future, options, bonds that are traded on the exchanges in Hong Kong, Japan and in the US (Emperor Group, 2010).The company also provides Margin and IPO financing, as well as it has been pioneer in providing loans and other related services to its clients. It is to be noted that the brokerage business of the company has been running since last 12 years along with stable business development. In the year 1994, headquarter was moved to a newly made Emperor Group Center that was located in Wanchai, Hong Kong. Emperor Futures Limited was also established in the same year that provided investors the financial services like securities and future trading. The year 2007 was marked as the most remarkable year as Emperor Capital Group Limited got listed on the main board under the stock exchanges of Hong Kong (Corporate Information, 2010).The company maintains corporate governance and is also committed for effective accountability mechanism in every part of

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