Nursing and the healthcare skills and qualifications

ient care and patient needs in such a way that it shows the respect of the healthcare provider for the personal, social, and political beliefs of the patient. By doing so, the healthcare provider will be able to administer the proper healthcare services to the patient and also earn the patients trust and loyalty due to the respect that has been shown for his or her beliefs in life.
It is important to remember that a nurse must first and foremost, be conscious of the people around her and the patient. Being on the front line of patient care, a nurse will often find himself or herself spending more time speaking to the patient and his family members than the primary care physician ever will. As such, the nurse is in a unique position to facilitate the speedy recovery of the patient and also help ease the anxiety of the family. Oftentimes, the family members and patients will be anxious, afraid, embarrassed or distressed about their health situation, so they need a professional who can show them the respect, sensitivity,and empathy that they require throughout the time of the patient in the hospital. By doing so, the nurse will be able to help ease the psychological stress that everyone in the family is undergoing.
Basically, being a nurse is a social job. It requires the nurse to be able to communicate effectively with family members. Putting them at ease whenever necessary and ensuring that she or he can help bridge the communication gap that often transpires between the patient, family members, and the doctor in charge. Sometimes, it is a thankless job, but the reward for the nurse comes at the end when the patient gets better and finally goes home to his family.
Keep in mind that modern day nurses now hold a position of importance in the patient care community that rivals that of the doctors. The evolution of the job description has changed so much since the time of Florence Nightingale that nurses today no longer just sit by the sidelines, awaiting

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