Not Just Any Seat at the Table

The success of every company depends on the leadership and strategy of choice. The leadership are usually the role of executives and the HR. The seat at the table means the participation in brainstorming as well as planning to increase productivity. HR is responsible for choosing the right person for the job. It is important that the HR leader is aware of the manpower needed by the company. HR leader should possess a characteristic that will lead the team to success. Productivity in every company is important. One should understand his role among one that is seated at the table.
The article is written in such a way that it is easier to understand with. Terms used are best fitted for the topic. The author presents the works of others to explain the metrics and analytics that he has been mentioning in the article. With the help of other works, the author can clearly show and support his view of the subject. He wanted to show that analytics and metrics are synonymous. By using the work of Gene Tange the author was able to show what his view is. The article written by Gene Tange supports the claim of the author that "analytic have evolved through the addition of competitive databases and complex formulas that combine disparate data (primarily HR and financial data) to bring new insight and solutions to basic business challenges. This affords real-time, strategic and tactical decision making with much greater accuracy and with a much better understanding of the human component on business outcomes – namely productivity and profitability.
The work of human resource is not that easy. Having part in the table for planning is a challenging task especially for the HR. In order to gain a seat at the executive table, HR should deliver the strategic business metrics. With regards with the employees’ compensation and training, HR department should make sense of disparate and overlapping data sources: ERP system, spreadsheets, payroll and benefits data, employee surveys, industry benchmarks, and others. The company should take different metrics from different sources and put them in a consumable format that provides human resources executives with a complete view of employees, compensation and benefits, demographics, and training.
For me, the article is quite informative. The theory mentioned by the author is supported either by the work of other authors or an example of cases related to the subject. The article seems to be lacking a conclusion, apart wherein the author will point out several important points as well as show his overall view on the topic. Not Just a Seat in the Table should be read by HR staff to be able to change its view on what HR really means in a company. The article will show how important the role of the HR leaders in the success of every plan in the company. It is very well referenced although it was not subjected to a plagiarism test as to what I see and read the article seems to have shown respect in the works of others. Writing an article is a hard task you need to show that every theory presented should be supported. Like all the author proper citation on the reference used should be done properly. No matter how long or short the article will be, the content of it should be interesting and important.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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