My Plan for Reconstruction

I must say to them that tyranny, exploitation and a subhuman treatment spanning across decades do stifle the human ability to dream. So on this momentous eve, I extend to our black brethren the freedom of daring to dream. These dreams will need to be supported by ample persistence and perseverance and the opportunities to seek education and justice. I know they understand the fundamental meaning of freedom. Now what they need to learn is that how this freedom is formally exercised and enjoyed in the American political and socio-economic life. I evoke them to extend their hands and grasp their fair share in the American political and socio-economic life. Dream and everything will become possible! I predict that it will not be a miracle if one day, one of their sons and daughters becomes the President of the United States of America. Surprisingly, there were many amongst us who kept the flame of freedom and liberty lighted amidst the winds of greed and debauchery. I thank them and at the same time intend to remind them that our struggle is far from over. The vested interests that gave way to slavery, a thing that was totally and abominably contrary to what we believe in, are as potent today as they were at any other time. The abolitionists no doubt comprise of one of the most enlightened spirits in America. The nation will require their services for long times to come. Who can better become the voice of those that had been denied a voice than our fellow brothers and sisters who fought for the rights of the oppressed?

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