Human beings differ not only in their “ability to do” but in their “will to do” as well. “Will to do” is motivation. If you have a strong will, you have a strong motivation. The motivation of students depends on the strength of their motives. Motive4s are needs, wants, drives or impulses within oneself. Every individual has a goal. Motives are directed towards that goal. Motives can be defined as the mainsprings of action. No one can motivate you. Only you can. The motivational experts that we have around us in quite a good number, never ever motivate you. They inspire you, putting you on to the track so to speak, in order that you motivate yourself. Changing the thinking of a person is inspiration. Changing the actions of a person is motivation. It is the outcome of a burning desire to succeed in studies for a student; succeed in business for a businessman.

  • Motivating Situation
  • External Motivation
  • Internal Motivation

Motivating Situation:

We know motives are directed towards goals. Motives are inside the individual whereas goals are outside. A students motivating situation can be summed up as under:


The students perceived motive is to become a good Doctor and his perceived goal is to excel in the Medical Exams. This motive produces a behavior, which is directed towards goal-activity that is writing the Medical Exam.

External Motivation:

This is a motivation where fear is the key. Example: There is a school. All teachers have signed a Teachers Pension and Gratuity scheme, which was proposed by the Management. To be a success all the Teachers were expected to sign the forms. All did except one, Ken Norton. All friends, peers, Principals and others tried to persuade him but failed. One day the Board President called Ken and told him that if he did not sign the extended form, he would lose his job the very next minute. Ken signed without a word. This is external motivation.

Internal Motivation:

It is not achieving a goal; it is a feeling of accomplishment that propels you to internal motivation. It is coming from within. It is gratifying, a belief, burdening a responsibility, prestige, pride and of course, a sense of accomplishment. Internal motivation needs to be reinforced by perpetual strengthening at regular intervals; or else the motive will weaken and die. By constant reinforcement you are strengthening your motivation. You are, in other words, keeping your internal motivation on track. Internal Motivation is reliable and can be lasting as it emanates from within. Two important factors that contribute to internal motivation are (1) Recognition, and (2) Responsibility. Recognition is appreciating what you have achieved. A sense of belonging, dignity and respect – these are the feelings that you earn with recognition. William James, the noted Psychiatrist and Professor of Harvard University said, “ One of the deepest desires of human beings is the desire to be appreciated. The feeling of being unwanted is hurtful.”

Responsibility fits the person into the whole system. He becomes a contributing member of a large team. He feels he belongs there. His heart swells! Absence of recognition for a long time works as a de-motivating factor.

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