Maximlianus as conscientious objector

The main change that came in society owing to the torture and killings that ensued after these protests brought in a major change in the society where people became aware of the injustice and wrong being done to others whom they ignored till then. The result was a massive awareness and movement to eradicate mention of violence in Christianity. As it is, it was pretty disgraceful to have violence become a part of Christianity even though it had to be through the conscientious efforts of Maximlianus. Therefore, we credit a major chunk of the educated and elite class shunning elements of torture and oppression to avoid recurrence of such violence in the history of Christianity to the efforts of Maximlianus.Islam and Christianity have both violent histories. What stories from Kurlansky can we find hope for a non-violent Christianity and Islam? (2 pages)Kurlansky runs a complete thesis in the context of trying to understand why and where non-violence went amiss in the glorious pasts of leading religions of the world. Everybody understands that Christianity and Islam have had violence in their histories. But when we study the thesis brought forward by Kurlansky, we see that he has found the precise literary and scholarly articles to show why the religions could not enjoy peaceful histories. Let us begin by Buddha’s teachings of non-violence (BPF, 13). Buddhism has a non-violent history owing to the dictates of patience, love and perseverance. Kurlansky, instead of lifting ideals from the peaceful religions.

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