Marketing Plan

Bearing in mind that there are other strategic competitors in this market such as Ring Central, MaxEmail has to adopt strategies that would give it a competitive advantage over its rivals. To accomplish this, Brumfitt, Barnes, Norris and Jones (2001) propose finding effective ways of addressing the competitive marketplace and supporting everyday operations. Customer targets According to Armstrong and Kotler (2003), only a fraction of the entire population in an area would buy the products from a firm. The task would therefore be to identify who these people are and then targeting the marketing efforts of the business towards them. This ensures that a business only deals with the target market that would be profitable. In the case of MaxEmail, the target market includes the 3 million users drawn from the government and business enterprises with whom it enters into contracts to provide communication. All marketing efforts would therefore be directed towards this target market. The limited marketing budget should be a reason for such a company to market to the 3 million users as it would be more efficient than generally marketing to the whole market. Customer segments In customer segmentation, an organization would identify different groups in the market based on their traits. There is more benefit in focusing marketing efforts on a group with similar characteristics, wants and needs that would be with a group comprising of undifferentiated people (Brumfitt et al., 2001). Customers could be segmented in various ways such as according to their demography, psychograph, geography and use. Focusing marketing efforts on a segment reduces expenses and increases revenue in an organization. There are a number of services and goods on offer at MaxEmail including fax machines and services such as fax on demand, fax broadcasting and spam checker (MaxEmail, 2012). It also provides internet services like photocopying. It would be necessary for the company to identify the various needs by the government, business enterprises and individuals then categorize its products in a similar fashion. This would see the firm serve each of these segments differently according to their needs and capabilities. Product position MaxEmail rides on the strength of its easy to use interface and voicemail services. The company has diversified its production to not only cover a range of fax machines but also various services that go hand in hand with this. This has been furthered by desirable customer service that gives it an edge over its rivals. Serving the government market gives it a competitive edge over its rival Ring Central which depends on individual buyers and businesses enterprises. Its lean stock makes management easy for the company. Nonetheless, the company’s products are perceived to be expensive as compared to what its rivals offer. Similarly, the products lack electronic signs which its rival Ring Central offers. The company thus faces threat from Ring Central especially now that its products are considered to be less expensive and largely diversified. Closely related to segmentation is product positioning. Product positioning entails the creation of a consistent, unique and recognized perception of customers on the general image of the organization and its products. The products or services provided by a company would be positioned based on the accompanying benefits, users, price, class, application and quality level (Armstrong amp.

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