Marketing Manager of the PVT

Thus, when it declines to list PVT among it best bidders, then there must a gross system or technological failure that Greg Morgan, the Solenergy’s chief electrical engineer noted from the electric equipment supplied to them by PVT. Morgan is portrayed as a competent person, especially in his judgments. Moreover, he has never misled Solenergy Company and its management in all matters left for him to deliberate upon thereby earning him the influence he has in the Solenergy development industry’s decision-making. Therefore, it will be pointless for the sales and marketing department of the PV Technologies, Inc. to peg their success on the personal relationship between Morgan and Salvatori. Apparently, the decision made from Morgan’s evaluation may not change based on the employee to employee relationship or business to business relationship but they can change on core values used as evaluating factors that led to the conclusion (Cespedes and Badame 05). From the understanding of the top management at the PV Technologies, PVT has been supplying reliable, durable, and efficient converters a fact that has not been confirmed by the customer, Solenergy in this evaluation. The evaluation parameters and the result are just but rumors that are yet to be confirmed to the PVT’s sale and marketing department or even to its executive. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that Morgan only pegged his evaluation on cost but not other factors that could be touching quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and durability. Moreover, it is apparent that PVT has been the main player in the market especially in the supply of electric converters. Since numerous players who have joined the same market, PVT must not assume that there are no other companies producing the same products, as in this case, converters with the same quality, durability, efficiency, and effectiveness and at lower costs than it thereby placing out of thecompetition is.

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