Managing Group Working

Conflict solving is a major need to make a group run successfully (Jehn and Bendersky 2003). Conflict can show itself in the group in the form of change resistance (Ford, Ford and D’Amelio 2008), because of cultural differences, and due to goals not meeting member expectations. Conflict is a problem interpersonal that makes poor results when working together. It is not the only conflict in groups that makes managing them difficult. There can be motivation problems and group members that do not want to be productive. There can also be poor communication, people who want to be a leader when others do not want this, and members that do not want negotiation. The many problems with group work management make it important for a group leader or manager to have academic skills to deal with all of these issues.This essay looks at the different problems that happen in teams and discusses the academic skills needed to make groups run better. The essay looks at Belbin’s team roles model to explain some problems that happen in groups. It also gives recommendations about how to be a better team leader and member. These recommendations will show what academic learning has been understood and which learning still needs to be gained to manage a group successfully.Conflict is one of the main problems in managing a successful group. Relationship conflict happens when there is interpersonal disagreement which often happens due to cultural differences. This can lead to stress and strife and problems about deciding how work should be accomplished by the entire group (Behfar, et al. 2008). For example, some diverse groups have members that come from collectivist countries and some from individualist countries. Collectivist societies have much loyalty toward group members and a major value is saving face. This is keeping a positive reputation in front of peers in the group (Cheung, et al. 2008). In individualist countries, people are more open to criticism and there is more need to be recognized for their own work instead of the group.

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