Management and Information Systems of Ginsters Company

The contribution of each project to the achievement of the portfolio is considered to justify the adoption of the portfolio. Secondly, the manager examines the performance effectiveness of each project in the portfolio. Thirdly, the developer of the portfolio reviews the negative impact of the project on the performance of other projects in the company (Fritz and Schiefer, 2009). Finally, the manager contemplates the dependent and independent projects in a specific portfolio. Ginsters Company operates in a demanding market due to the increased competition in the region. In addition, the company’s operation costs tend to increase because of the long distribution chain. Development of a reliable and appropriate management portfolio for the distribution channel is essential in enhancing the performance of the organisation (Mail Online, 2010).
Ginsters Company produces and distributes Cornish pastry, which is in the food industry. The food industry is among the most sensitive sectors in various economies. Management of various processes in the industry requires an appropriate approach to ethics. There are various ethical issues in the food industry (Strbac, 2008). First, the manufacturing process of the food should embrace the cleanliness and health of the consumers (Laudon and Laudon, 2002). In addition, various manufacturers of food products in the world should embrace good practices in their distribution channels in order to enhance the value of the food. Second, the marketing, manufacturing and distribution of the food product are major ethical issues. In this case, the manufacturing process adheres to various ethics such as cleanliness in the systems and use of appropriate raw materials (Fritz and Schiefer, 2009). In addition, the distribution channel should uphold the freshness of the food product in order to promote health among the consumers. Thirdly, the environment is a sensitive ethical issue in the food&nbsp.industry.&nbsp.

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