MacDonalds Fast Foods Restaurant and Lloyd Pharmacy in London

Ownership types Lloyd pharmacy is owned by a pharmacist who has a registration certificate as per the state laws. These State requirements are disapproved always by large business selling ventures, and the concern has been raised in the perspective of Hilmer Competition Reforms. They oblige each state to spot and do away with any legislative fundamentals which are not competitive except public opinions that are of advantage. The presented structure of pharmacy possession takes care of: accountability and liability by those who own pharmacies– through the State along with Territory Pharmacy Acts, quality utilization of drugs, value-added key health care services for instance, management of asthma and diabetes, management of wound care, management of medication, allocation of public health teaching and material for information, methadone and exchange of needle programs (Kayne, 2005). Conversely, at MacDonald’s, it is either a franchisee, the firm itself or a partner who operates it. MacDonald’s corporation obtains its revenues from rent, fees paid by the franchisees plus company-operated restaurants and sovereigns. The UK business mode is diverse since fewer than 30 % of restaurants are under contract, with mainstream under the company ownership (Ahuja, 2012). Organizational Structure In Lloyd Pharmacy, the pharmacist, clerk, and technician form the central part of the pharmacy team. Those who prescribe, nurses, and other health care employees are part of the extensive pharmacy team. The Lloyd pharmacy team shares a general objective, to offer good medical care to those who are sick. Every member has specific duties to achieve, but each shares some tasks with other members of the team. Each of them rely on others to do their work. being aware of members of the team’s distinctive function regarding one’s own will help in doing ones work in a well-organized and satisfying way. As a pharmacy clerk, one has a significant involvement to make to the team. On the contrary, at The MacDonald’s there are two structures, the senior management, and the restaurant side. The senor restaurant includes the general manager, assistant manager, shift running manager, floor manager, staff training crew and crew members. The general manager is answerable for the everyday function of the MacDonald’s fast food restaurant together with employing, instructing and supervising the employees, ensuring that the restaurant remains in a proper working situation and guarantee that things run efficiently when the restaurant is open. They also do the totaling up the daily receipts, ensuring that the restaurant abides by all legal prerequisites and communicating with the General Manager. The assistant managers’ duty is to assist the general manager. The Shift Running Manager’s main task is to organize and control the way the staff works in shifts. The Staff Training Crew’s main task is to take charge of all training within the premise. Whereas Crew Members work all the way through the Crew Development Programme and this is McDonald’s standard training system. They get training both on and off the floor by use of a combination of shoulder-to-shoulder training and self-learning.

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