Literacy Lesson Plan

Motivation: The students will make their own version of the Three Little Pigs by giving their own meaning to the pictures they are holding. Once they are finished pasting the pictures on the cardboards, they will be arranging themselves in a line by page numbers and presenting their “story”.
Instructional Procedure
9:00 – I will gather for storytime. I will read the story of The Three Little Pigs.
9:05 – I will give the children 1 picture, 1 cardboard, 1 pair of scissors &amp. 1 tube of glue each. I will tell them the instructions.
9:07 – Students should glue the pictures on the cardboard.
9:12 – Students should present their picture storybook to the class. They should form a line in front according to the page numbers. Each student must give his/her own sentence to the page he/she is holding to complete the story. There are 16 pictures in the story.
9:35 – When they are finished, they should go back to their seats. The teacher will bind the students’ storybook with a yarn. The teacher will ask students what is different or same with the Teacher’s story &amp. their picture storybook.
In-class Assessment: The students will arrange themselves in a line and re-tell the 3 Little Pigs’ story by giving their own sentences for the pictures they are holding. The teacher will assess if students are able to re-tell the story by the sentences they will give to the pictures.
Homework: A picture of a house is pasted on their notebooks with this sentence “This pig made a house of _________”. Students are asked to finish the sentence. They should write the material they want for the pig’s house. They should also draw the material they want on the house and color if they want.
Three Little Pigs by Thea Kliros
Glue 16 pcs of cardboard 16 copies of a worksheet
16 pictures 16 tubes of glue
16 pairs of scissors 1 yard of yarn
Pictures for activity

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