Letter to parents

Dear Parents I have been always been of opinion that appropriate room learning environment is necessary to bring out change and development of each and every child. The physical, mental and social well-being of my students is the top priority for me. All of us know there is a strong association between minds, emotions, and bodies which attributes different ways of knowing. I like to make of this known fact consciously to inculcate knowledge based education to all children to make them competent for future.
I am a strong believer of intentionally differentiate teaching ways so that my each student is benefited. I plan purposefully the learning outcomes that should be achieved for each child and accordingly I design and deliver instruction. These types of instructions help to achieve the desired learning outcome without changing the curriculum and potential of every student can be achieved. Struggling students and gifted or above-average students both have different needs and can definitely make progress with differentiated learning activities without their realization. They do not feel isolated and this also invariably develops sense of belonging. This teaching strategy helps to reach, teach and develop all my students. It is important to know the child as an individual and learner. To recognize pupil’s diverse background intentional efforts are made like calling each one by respective name, observing each one carefully, and establishing two way conversation, etc.
Differentiate instructions involve content, product and process differentiation. Since each child’s ability and apprehension is different, the depth and complexity of the content is varied by offering multiple options. I emphasises on dynamic group culture in the classroom so that each pupil has opportunity to enhance the knowledge in similar as well as different settings. The composition of the group is varied depending upon the purpose. This process differentiation of dynamic groups fosters cooperative and collaborative skills among children. This ensures that student can work at their own level and simultaneously make progress in varied skill sets and interests. Also, I love to make my students more independent and therefore, every time they are engaged in different and stimulating learning activities. I also give many examples, stories &amp. illustrations as well as multiple methods for the students who need assistance to explain certain concepts. To nurture natural but intentional learning, type of poems, songs, finger plays, vocabulary building games, best comprehension reading all are well designed to take care of individual need of the child.
Some of my students are good writers and some are better speaker. Some students love explanation through acts. Students are encouraged to express themselves properly through their liking style reading, writing, acting, drawing or any creativity. This product differentiation helps my students to exhibit their knowledge what they have leant through various means in which they are comfortable. I want my all students to enjoy learning so that it makes them motivated and successful.
Continuing monitoring and assessing learner’s skills and interests enables us to know the concepts that each student need to improve upon. Challenging, complex and difficult tasks will have different criteria for assessment than simple one. Grading is with respect to a particular task. Your cooperation as parents is essential to observe your child’s holistic growth and your feedback is enlisted at all times. I would like to solve any queries regarding your unique child, so feel free to contact me either through email or personally.
Warm Regards

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