Letter discussing favorite person in history

Even though I had visited the Sistine Chapel a few times, but my visit had a special purpose this time. After this class in Humanities, I felt more sensitive towards the beauty of the Sistine Chapel. The frescos painted by Michelangelo fascinated me the most. In this paper, I would be discussing one particular fresco, The Creation of Adam.The Creation of Adam is one the most acclaimed fresco paintings created by the Italian sculptor and painter, Michelangelo. This painting holds an important place in art history because of the techniques involved in creating the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The fresco is fourth part of a series of nine panels where Michelangelo has depicted stories from the Book of Genesis. In this particular painting, the artist intends to narrate the biblical scene when God gave life to Adam, the first man. However, Michelangelo here adds his own variation to the story. In the original biblical story, God breathed life into Adam through his nostrils. In the painting, on the other hand, God is giving life to Adam through just the touch of his finger.The painting depicts God stretching his hands to give life to Adam who is lying down listlessly while God, supported by his angels is giving life to Adam. Michelangelo has created a resemblance between God and Adam. He does this keeping in mind the Old Testament which states that Man is created in likeness with God. The perfect body of Adam has also been created to bear resemblance with God (Spielvogel, 256). At the same time, there is a stark contrast between the two. Michelangelo has been able to create God at a higher level than man. He does this by making God appear as a Celestine being who is flying in space with his angels. There is flexibility in God while Adam appears to be quite languid.This particular painting belongs to the Renaissance art period. Renaissance art was a

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