Leisure and Tourism in Santa Fe in New Mexico

Leisure and Tourism in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Current list of services available at the city
Private non-farm establishments.
Retail sales services.
Merchant wholesale services
Manufacturer shipment services
Food and accommodation services
Non-employer establishment services (Nelson Velvet, 45-6).
Sections of the city representing dense numbers of diverse communities (share of population by race/ethnicity)
73, 800
62, 200
46, 200
51, 900
42, 800
Non-Hispanic Black
Asian/Pacific Islander
2, 700
Major and minor league sport industries
American Basketball Association, which were the New Mexico style founded in 2005 (Nelson Velvet, 78-9).
Santa Fe Roadrunners, which was North American Hockey team but later moved to Kansas and became Topeka Roadrunners.
Santa Fe Fuego was formed in 2012 at Santa Fe and became a professional baseball club.
Community/Municipal Recreational Departments
New Mexico Museum, which is an art collection of Southwestern collections
Institute of American arts museum, which is native American arts possessing political aspects (Nelson Velvet, 56-7).
Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, which devotedly worked for O’Keeffe
New Mexican History Museum, which was located behind the governor’s palace.
Site Santa Fe, which was described as a contemporary art space
A children’s museum known as Santa Fe Children’s Museum
Conventions and visitor’s Bureau
Summer Art markets, which makes Santa Fe appear in the top ten destination for art market
Exotic treasures, which involves eclectic shops dealing crafted items such as turquoise, pottery, and silver jewelry
Cultural collection, which involves museums presenting history and culture (Nelson Velvet, 90-1).
Deals and specials, which include packages, deals, and specials that Santa Fe offer throughout the year.
Tourism forms the major component of Santa Fe’s economy, with visitors being attracted by climate and other outdoor activities throughout the year. The visitors are also being attracted by cultural activities in the city and across the whole region. According to Nelson Velvet, (98), tourism information is presented by visitor bureau and convention and also the chamber of commerce. Most tourism activities occur in the city’s historic down town around the plaza, nearer to the palace of governors. This was the original seat for territorial government in Mexico since the period of Spanish colonization. Other areas of attraction include the “Museum Hill” and Santa Fe Fork art market, which was the site of major city’s art museums. Some visitors also get attracted to Santa Fe during the week of September when Sangre de Cristo Mountains’ aspens turn yellow as the skies become blue and clear. The locations in Santa Fe that are frequently visited during the day by the tourists include certain locations like the town of Taos, which is about 113 km north of Santa Fe. The historic Valles Caldera and Bandelier National Monument can also be found 48 km away. In addition to that, Ski Santa Fe, which is around d Santa Fe’s ski area, is approximately 26km north of the city. Santa Fe has always had communication and association with science and technology through the help of Santa Fe Institute to research on complex matters related to tourism and political sciences (Nelson Velvet, 102-3).
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