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Enhancing Teaching and Learning with IT and Multimedia82000 The main unit theme is ‘Using multimedia for Learning’ where the specific unit topic will cover ‘The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’. In this regard, students in grades 10 and 11 shall be the target audience. Through the utilization of various forms of multimedia and computer programs, the project intends to facilitate learning through application of an interesting and stimulating learning environment. Likewise, the design of the project shall be in the form of a web quest which is a learning activity that allows the learners to read, analyze and synthesize information by using the World Wide Web. Specifically, some details are given to make the web quest design a unified one. As such, the facilitator has chosen the colors light yellow and blue for its background. In the introductory portion, an Anthem of Saudi Arabia will be uploaded into the audio file. whilst, images of the Saudi Arabian map and peninsula shall be included also to add to the interactive modality of the project. Apart from this, there will be a synthesis of activities to which the project is planned and developed accordingly. The core objective of the project is to educate students about The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in which they will learn about its history, geography, culture and cities. Apart from this, it is also envisaged that this project will provide a better learning environment through utilization of information technology and various mediums of multimedia. Web quest has been chosen as the design for the project as it integrates literacy, current class theme and multimedia approach. By using this medium of learning, the students are able to work at their own pace and ability to improve skills as individuals and groups. The activities which will be provided to the students include information gathering about Saudi Arabia to be derived from the World Wide Web and some PowerPoint presentations which were prepared by the facilitator. after which, a note-taking form and worksheet will be furnished for the students to answer.

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