Leadership Theories the Absolutes of Leadership

There have been a number of different theories and approaches that have been developed in the past by various authors and experts in the field. This section will detail the various theories which will allow getting a clear understanding of the concept. The various authors and their theories are as follows:Daniel Goleman’s approach consists of six major styles of leadership. In his book Primal Leadership, he has highlighted those good leaders are effective because they create resonance. Based on this he explained resonance can be done in six ways, which in turn lead to the leadership styles. These styles included visionary leadership, coaching leadership, affiliative leadership, democratic leadership, pacesetting leadership and commanding leadership (Goleman, 2006). According to Goleman, all leaders’ categories into these styles of leadership, and the most useful type of leadership among these the visionary leadership style. Here the leaders inspire employees and believe in its own vision, along with being empathetic. It also highlights how the efforts from all the people within an organization, contribute to the ‘dream’. This type of leadership style has proved to be the most beneficial for companies where change is required and a new vision is required (Goleman, 2006).The other styles that Goleman has discussed within his book are the coaching style, which falls in the second best style of leadership for companies. This method is where the leaders are listeners and helps people identify their strengths and weaknesses, and in a number of aspects, they also act as counselors, encouragers, and delegates.

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