Leadership Reflection

leader is the transformational leadership in which I try to set down such standards that those following me find easy to follow by their own willingness. Other domains in which I see myself as a leader are intrapersonal leadership because I tend to lead my own self in a very effective way. and, interpersonal leadership because I believe that I conduct effective relationship management with my stakeholders through effectual conflict management based on active communication and collaboration. I keep everyone on the platform happy and satisfied and keep them motivated through personal attention and rewards. These were some domains in which I see myself as a good and ethical leader.2. I take care of the employees so as to preserve a vigorous environment within the organization. I verify that the salaries are being paid in time. try to pursue a system of rewards and bonuses. and, listen to the employees’ troubles and try to remove them. This keeps them working at high competence. I make agreements with business partners while respecting their decisions. This confidence between the partners makes the organization grow and maintains its integrity. I know how to schedule my projects keeping in mind the time frame and instruct the team to manage work schedule accordingly. I know that I have to abide by the rules and regulations I have agreed upon while signing a contract and will never back off. All this adds to the progress of my organization. Strengths that I wish to develop include vision and framing my actions according to ethics. I want to develop a brawny vision so that I am able to solve problems with ethical values. I want to be able to frame my actions in such a way that they go just in accordance to my inner beliefs and standards because according to Freeman and Stewart (2006), leadership is a fully ethical task.3. When I look at my past, I come across many events that have changed my inner self to the kind of person I am today. My leadership skills

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